As Factor-i we bring together professionals that can offer you the services you need. We adjust our offering of disciplines, talents and knowledge to your demand.

Ingrid van der Wacht

I work as an independent project manager and concept developer in an (inter)national context. Since 2005 the focus of my work is on initiating projects for change, innovation and development through and with design and creativity.  For this I collaborate with a broad variety of partners in the design sector, industry, public sector, knowledge institutes and designers on different levels: from (inter)national to local.
At this moment I work amongst others on an interim basis as project manager for PROUD Europe (People Researchers Organisations Using Design for co creation and innovation).
I believe that creativity can help us solve problems the world faces today and that everybody can be creative in his or her own way. Therefore it is important to make people more creative confident and discover the serious fun of creating your own vision on and tools for living well together.
To promote this, I speak often on national and international congresses about the developments and results of different projects I work on. As a connector I facilitate congresses, workshops and events.
I received a Master of Arts degree from Tilburg University,  studied French and marketing. In combination with my experiences and learnings this brings a colourful mosaic of competencies.

Stans van Dongen

Nice to meet you. I collaborate as facilitator for creative problem solving with Ingrid van der Wacht in Factor-i. We help people to interact, share their intelligence and inspire each other to co-create solutions. In this process, creativity is leading, as creativity touches people’s emotions and increases their involvement. To achieve this, I guide CPS-processes and develop (designed) tools. Co-creating new products, services or social innovation: people work more and more in networks. In Factor-i , we help to set up a suitable network that brings creative connections and opportunities.

I have a background in arts and received a bachelor of arts. However, nowadays I use my creativity in my work as a communication advisor and as a facilitator for creative problem solving (trained by COCD).