Factor-i FARM::LAB
@ CREA Italy

Factor-i brought a customized FARM::LAB approach that combines design thinking and creative problem solving, to the CREA Conference 2014 in Sestri Levante. With a small group of participants two interesting approaches against Food Waste were elaborated within one and half hour. One group focussed on making a first sketch of the global food system with strengths and weaknesses. Quite a challenge, so they really wished to have had more time to further work-out. The other group came with a quite focussed and therefore almost ready-2-implement solution for the food waste connected to  cooking for a big and diverse group of people such as for CREAparticipants. Recommendations to the CREA organisation to be more creative with food offerings and remains of the day. Factor-i received positive feedback on the working method with 2d-tools. Also the test with empathy mapping to create common ground proved being a good start of this short ideation process.

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