Break-in the food system by AgriMeetsDesign #2
12 maart 2014

A crowd of people gathered together for the kick-off of AgriMeetsDesign 2014, the follow-up of the successfully launched design innovation actions for breakthroughs in our food system. Again a diversity of people came together in the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Hague, to learn more about design for policy. A key-note lecture by Peter Smart brought inspiring insights, other presentations looked back on what happened and jumped forward in break-out sessions on themes for Design For Policy.
In a break-in session Ingrid facilitated 60  people in 7 teams to bring in new ideas for  this year’s program. Within two energetic hours participants came up with ideas like be a platform with a full year’s program and an off- and on – line marketplace. Get connection with other media: to develop a program concept like Farmer seeks Innovation. Let innovation take place bottom-up but facilitate top-down.

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